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Fandi Dwiputra Suprianto S.T., MSc.

Living in an environment that has rapid growth in the industrial sector has made me to choose engineering as a field of study. My ‎formal advanced education started with my undergraduate program in mechanical ‎engineering at Petra Christian University. During my four successive years of studies, ‎I was ranked first in mechanical engineering department and graduated cum-laude. Regarding this achievement, I was given the opportunity to earn a master's degree with a full scholarship right after I completed my bachelor’s degree.

My passion for sustainable energy issue has led me to undertake the M.Sc. degree in combustion and energy at the University of Leeds, one of the UK’s top research universities. After graduation, I went back to serve as a lecturer in mechanical engineering department. Instead of lecturing, I have also done researches in the field of sustainable energy that interests me. My projects include conducting experimental investigation and numerical modeling of combustion, heat transfer, and aerodynamics phenomena.

  • sejarah pendidikan
    (S.T.) Universitas Kristen Petra
    (M.Sc.) University of Leeds
  • konsentrasi penelitian

    1.       Combustion and Energy

    Theoretical, practical and computational analysis of combustion processes in order to generate an efficient, clean, and sustainable energy.


    2.       Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

    Performance improvement of conventional cooling systems, development of renewable cooling systems, HVAC system design.


    3.       Fluid Flow and Aerodynamics

    Theoretical concepts, practical and simulation analysis of fluid flow and its interaction with a solid object.